atlas wolfert

the silly puppy

the main boy!!!

atlas is my fursona (hence the name) and its a silly little wolf boy who's pink and white, 5'2, and tbh p much what i wanna be irl. it has two bfs (darby and rocco), likes old computers (like me) and can easily fluctuate between fat and skinny. oh and its in a new wave band w its bfs cause thats fun

skinny atlas
fat puppy
fatlas!! it can get a lot fatter tho if u feed it a lot

darby, the huge himbo husband

darby's my second oc and he's a big boy!!!he's a bear and he's supposed to be 10 feet tall but its more like whatever height fits the situation best. his hobbies include: eating, sleeping, cuddling, smoking weed, and livestreaming his gainer stuff. his lifes dream is to become a room-filling blob. he also really enjoys cooking and drums and *will* infodump about them

atlas and darby being gay
atlas and darby in their natural habitat. art by ratasstouille

rocco, ultimate goat dilf

rocco's a 53 year old goat man with a big, strong body and a VERY dommy demeanor. he loves nothing more than making twinks squirm and making fat guys swell. also hes like. super musky n stuff owo uwu owo

concept doodle my friend kol (@kolsartdump) did of rocco. its not completely accurate to how i imagine him but it gives a p good idea of what he looks like. cant complain tho cause hes a good friend and it was a freebie uwu